Children are the most expensive treasure, our gladness and our future!
BackфотоДіти2.jpgAnnually on the first day of summer we celebrate the International Day of children’s Defence – a wonderful holiday of gladness and eternal hope. However, in children we want to see realization of our dreams. We aspire them to grow healthy, glad, glorify their families and native country.

Children are the most expensive treasure, our gladness and our future. That why the duty of the family, school and the authorities is to take care of comprehensive development of interests and capabilities of Ukrainian youth, provide their proper level of upbringing and protect them from disappointments and troubles. One of our main duty is to take care about children and to protect their rights.

In honour of this holiday, I presented to the educational establishments of the oblast books of our compratriot, the poetess Hanna Chubach: "My family", "Rakhivnychka", "Colors", "Alphabet", "Merry khvostyky", "From disappointments to the hopes", "My Ukraine" and poetess Natalia Pogrebniak: "Bells", "Mushrooms’ rain", "Read and Paint", "Iridescent World". All of them are easily readen and develop the creative world of a child. Annually more than 30 thousands of children of the kindergartens, schools; teachers, educators and technical workers are given sweet gifts to the days of Saint Mykolay, New Year and Christmas.

Also is still actively working the football regional school "Belanova-Blokhina", which was founded by me three years ago. This school helps young people to develop and be healthy. We put in order football fields, repair gyms, buy sports equipments, training uniforms for players, organize and conduct sport competitions in the districts of Vinnytsia region and so on.

In such difficult time for our country we must pay much attention to bringing up of youth and their physical health. I belive that due to the professionalism of our educators and teachers, their patience, wisdom, attention and kindness we will manage to put to the unique and original internal children′s world respect to labour, parents, our native motherland. We will succeed to educate our own champions and we will be pround of our talented, beautiful, clever children, grandchildren, patriots of our  native land and Motherland.