The Fund “Future of our children”
The main aim of the fund is to conduct a charitable activity in order to promote the development of science, education, culture, the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, historical and cultural environment, realization of scientific and educational programs, programs of national and cultural development, programs of social protection of low-income and socially-unprotected groups of population, support of the programs aimed at the development of democratic values, activity of mass media.

The support of the projects that can be used for criminal purposes against humanity is forbidden in the fund. Propaganda of war, violence, brutality, nationalism and chauvinism, inciting social, class, religious and racial hostility is also forbidden.

Charitable work of the fund is conducted in the following directions:

•    promotion of the development and implementation (through financing) of international, national and local programs and projects of Fund, connected with implementation of the measures directed at the development of education and science.
•    promotion of the development and implementation (through financing) of international, national and local programs and projects of the Fund connected with implementation of measures directed at the development of culture, including the programs of nationally-cultural development, assistance of protection and preservation of cultural heritage of Ukraine, historically-cultural environment , historical and cultural monuments, places of inhumation;
•    promotion of the development and implementation of programs directed at social protection of low income and socially-disadvantaged groups;
•    promotion of the development of science and education ,realization of innovational and scientifically-educational programs;
•    provision of charitable assistance to teachers, researchers and students;
•    support of programs directed at the development of democratic values;
•    provision of assistance to talented young people;
•    promotion of the protection and conservation of cultural heritage;
•    provision of assistance for the development of publishing, mass media and informational infrastructure;
•    promotion of the development of the protected territories and ecological security.
•   promotion of maternity-and-child protection, assistance to large and poor families;

The Fund settles the following tasks for the achievement of the main goal:

•    Attraction of charitable contributions of Ukrainian and foreign legal and physical persons, accumulation and mobilization of financial, material and other resources, expanding of the sources of income to the Fund for implementation of its statute charitable activity in the forms mentioned in the point 2.4.of the Charter.
•    participation in the financing of charitable measures, projects and programs;
•    provision of assistance to educational establishments and boarding schools;
•    organization and financing of seminars, conferences, meetings, exchange of experience and other measures directed at the realization of the main goal of Fund.
•    organization and conduction of competitions, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, charity measures;
•    use of targeted scholarships, encouraging awards, financing of educational meetings, seminars and courses, organization of training of specialists both in Ukraine and abroad;
•    invitation of foreign citizens and sending the citizens of Ukraine to other countries at the expense of Fund for the realization of joint educational programs, internships, studying of work experience in the centers of science ,education and culture, participation in the seminars, symposiums, conferences and other events.
•    cooperation with charitable and other organizations, physical persons in Ukraine and abroad, spreading of polygraphic products;
•    organizational and financial participation in realization of the national, regional and international programs, as well as conduction of their own charity measures;
•    creation of separated self-supporting institutions and organizations with a status of a legal person or enterprise, all activity of which is aimed at the achievement of the statutory goals and fulfillment of objectives of the Fund;
•    conduction of advertising and informational activities aimed at spreading of information about the activity of the Fund and the promotion of its objectives, publishing of advertising materials with symbols of the Fund.