The Fund “Native land”
The fund is supported by the people’s deputy of Ukraine Grygorii Kaletnik. The main aim of the given Fund is to solve the following problems:

• Non-execution of the contract conditions and non-payment of rent for plot of lands (shares, etc.) by the landholders;
• Illegal capture of plot of lands;
• Violation of agro-technical requirements of cultivation and exhaustion of the soil;
• Improper registration and issuance of the documents on ownership and lease of land.
• Violation of rights of land owners in the process of making a contract on lease of land;
• Other problems with a legal nature in the countryside.

"People with their problems and hardships are always in the foreground for me” Grygorii Kaletnik

If you need our help with any legal issues, please contact us:

Vinnytsia (Ukraine)

0432 57 90 92

050 905 70 00

Mobile phones:

095 832 42 16

097 008 22 45