Grygorii Kaletnik was born on May 2, 1949 in the picturesque village of Klembivka, in Yampil district of Vinnytsia region. He graduated from school with the silver medal and at the same time, in 1966 became a student of Order of Labour Red Flag Agrarian Academy, where he obtained higher education on the specialty of mechanical engineer of agriculture. Later, in 1998, he obtained the second higher education in the Ukrainian State University of Food Technology according to the specialty “Management in production sphere”.

He began his career with a position of a chief engineer of the collective farm. He worked as a chief engineer of the district agricultural department, district manager of the district union of "Silhosptekhnika", the head of the collective farm, the head of a district agro-industrial association, representative of the President of Ukraine in Yampil district, general director of research and production company "Elite", the director of Vinnytsia state agrarian experimental station, general director of Vinnytsia regional state association of distillery industry.

For several times Grygorii Mykolayovych was elected as a deputy of the village, district and regional councils, because his life position was always clear and understandable for people.

  • In 1991 - he defended his thesis on the degree of the Candidate of Agrarian Sciences;
  • In 1998 – elected as a head of Vinnytsia Regional Council;
  • In 2002 – elected as a people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 4th convocation;
  • In 2004 – head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration;
  • In 2006 – becomes a people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 5th convocation;
  • In 2009 - received the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences.

For the present day, Grygorii Mykolayovych is the Chair of the All-Ukrainian Association “UkrBioEnergo”, the main directions of which are biofuels market development, energy crops market development, achieving of the global trends of biofuels development from bio raw material of vegetable origin etc.

He has a number of patented inventions. He also is an author of more than 70 scientific papers.

Grygorii Mykolayovych was awarded with the title "Honored Economist of Ukraine", the Order of Merit of the third degree and breastplate “High achiever in Ukrainian education”. In 2010 he was elected as a member of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

Since July, 2009 Gryhorii Kaletnik is an acting president of Vinnytsia State University and from December 18, 2009 of National Agrarian University. According to the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy № 52 from March,2010 professor Grygorii Kaletnik was elected as a president of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University. While working at this position, he directs all his efforts at strengthening of the position of the University and making it into a powerful center of agricultural education and science that can quickly respond to educational, scientific, cultural and social needs of society. He is working under implementation of the concept "Structural changes in the agrarian sphere of Ukraine in the XXI Century", which includes the development of the research activity of the university. He pays much attention to computerization and informatization of the University, providing of a qualitative operation of computer and information systems focused on solving problems in scientific-educational praxis, widening of the perspectives of transmission of information to scientific and educational community.