On 20th October , 2013 in the village Krasnenke of Illinetska district assistants of the deputy of Ukraine Grygorii Kaletnik greeted Palaheia Feodosiivna Tupitska with the 90th anniversary.
In the village Krasnenke of Illinetska district in the family of simple peasants in October 20, 1923 was born small Palaheia. She was joy and happiness for her parents. She survived the famine, thanking God. When she was 19 years old – she got married. She didn’t celebrate it, because at that time was a terrible war. They didn’t have even time for to see each other, as her husband was taken to the front. She waited for letters from him and asked God to return her husband home alive, but in 1944 she received a funeral letter. Her husband was killed in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine. She stayed a widow with a tiny daughter in her arms. Devastation, War … only hard work saved her from sorrow and loneliness.

Later, she married with the veterinary Stepan Iuhymovych. They lived together for long 50 years. During this time they raised two children. They saw how were born their grand and grand-grand children.

    But 14 years ago Stepan Iuhymovych died and Palaheia Feodosivna stayed alone.

On her birthday Palaheia Tupitska received gifts and wishes for good health and happiness, not only from her big family but from the assistants of the peoples’ deputy Grygorii Kaletnik.