Grygorii Kaletnik gave material assistance, sweets, fruits and sincere wishes to Inna Dudnichenko, the head of Illinetska regional public organization "Hope of invalids."

Perhaps all these qualities became the main argument , which prompted the members  of  Illinetska regional public organization "Hope for invalids" to choose Inna Dudnichenko as the head of the organization. You can’t say that her life changed completely, since she never has been indifferent and inert, but now on her shoulders lay the responsibility for others. So she has to knock on various doors for to solve the problems which perturb the people with disabilities. That's how Ina met with assistants of the deputy Grygorii Kaletnik, she needed help and Grygorii Mykolaivych responded her. In such way created friendship which lasts already for several years.

You can find a few people, with whom it would be so simple and easy to communicate as with this young woman. Her soul is light, sincere and open to the world. Probably that’s why everyone who has ever met her, treat her as a good friend . Because this woman has a special gift of hearing and understanding everyone, despite the fact that she is limited living in space of four walls. She knows how to unite and lead the others and reach the goals.So this time, when Grygorii Kaletnik  find out from his assistants, that young woman was operated and have to continue the treatment, he gave to her the material assistance, sweets, fruits and sincere wishes for quick recoverin.