On 9th October the whole planet celebrated the World Post Day.
On 9thOctober the whole planet celebrated the World Post Day, which without exaggeration can be called the holiday for all people. The post office so naturally exists in the modern world that we take it as a part of our daily life. Tireless work of post workers connects and unites people separated by large distances. Deep dedication to the deel, efficiency and responsibility are keys to the development of postal services.



Postmen - some of the most respected people in the countryside. After all, the postman brings messages about the relatives and lovers, who are far away from us. The work of postman is not easy, because its demands tireless work in the heat  , cold, rain and snow. The assistants of the deputy Grygorii Kaletnik, presented gifts and sincerely welcomed with warm and sincere words of gratitude for the hard work of postal workers in Orativska district.