Sydorenko Anna Ivanivna celebrates her 90th birthday!

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Grygorii Kaletnik always takes care of old people. On 5th August, 2013, in the picturesque village Sazhky, Anna Sydorenko celebrated her 90th anniversary.

The main secret of longevity of this woman is in her work. She worked in Donbas building during the postwar years, as a field worker in sugar beets brigade. She returned home from work always with a positive attitude towards leisure work  - it also inspired her to do good things. Grandmother survived the famine in the 30-ties, at that time she buried her mother and three relatives.

On that day the assistants of the deputy of Ukraine, Grygorii Kaletnik, came to congratulate the hero of the day. Anna Ivanivna asked to send her greeting to  Grygorii Mykolaiovych, her words of gratitude, wishes of good health and many years of life.